Kiss Chacey

KSCY.DOS Athletic Wear: Functionality Meets Style

Understanding Department Of Strength, the best activewear enhanced with SILVADUR™ 


The latest range of Kiss Chacey men's gym clothing is ready to take your training gear to the next level. Functional activewear that is built for performance - even the hardest, sweatiest of training sessions.  

Department of Strength doesn’t just stop at fit and style, all the gym tees, training shorts, jumpers and track pants are made with SILVADUR™, a fabric technology that fights odour causing bacteria; prolonging the life, shape and smell of your training gear.


An activewear collection exclusively designed for men - No detail has been overlooked. Even down to the hidden zippers, no itchy neck tags, shorts that truly fit properly and tees that complete a fit you could wear anywhere.

You focus on going strong at the gym, we’ve got the gym clothing range that is; built to move, made to last and designed with style. Comfort and style are worked into each garment in the range to build gym looks that are straight fire from the hoodie you’re wearing on the way to training, to the tee and shorts you’re building up a sweat in.

Get Techncial

The fit is designed to allow you to move, no matter what positions training has got you into. While SILVADUR™ keeps your gear fresh session after session.

• Odour control, maintains fabric freshness
• Lasts a minimum of 50 home washes
• Improved fabric colour stability
• Controls odour-causing microorganisms
• Maintains the garments shape and feel
• Dermatologically tested
• OEKO-TEX approved

Produced in a blue sign approved facility, meaning it’s from a responsible supplier, that is continually improving environmental performance focused on a sustainable future, with minimal impact on people and the environment.

A note from the founders

Fed up of 'training scent' that lingers on your gym gear, no matter how much you wash it... the colour fades, it loses its shape, and all of a sudden you're reaching for new gear? We were, so we created the best activewear for men - KSCY.DOS or Department of Strength. For all the guys out there like us that want great gym gear they can put on, feel comfortable in and train their hardest.