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Our People: Luke Walker

Welcome to ‘Our People’, a new explorative culture series that connects us with likeminded creatives to pick their brain with a few short fire questions.
Our People: Luke Walker

To kick things off, we tapped Luke Walker on the shoulder for a chat. A talented tattoo artist, drummer, model and friend of the brand who faced up our recent Q224 Desolation campaign. 

How did you get into tattooing?

I started off tattooing just in my garage doing home jobs to get by, more and more people were wanting them so I thought I’d take it more seriously and do it for a profession and got a job in a studio! 

What’s the story behind the bike?

Bike is a 1985 Harley Davidson iron head! My mates helped me find it and bring it over from America. So we had a guy pull it apart and then once it got here me and my mate put it back together in a day and we were riding by that afternoon! It’s a long bike which can be harder to ride but makes it all the more fun! 

We know you’re in a band (Takaicardia) – what are some bands you dig?

We were inspired by Frogstomp when we first started now we are more going down our own track just by jamming a lot and seeing what we come up with and what we enjoy to play.

I listen to more heavier or punk bands Ceremony Black flag cro-mags I also don’t mind more chill music like Tool and Pearl Jam.

Favorite pieces from the latest drop?

That bomber jacket was mad... all those baggy jeans and then black tee with blue/orange graphics.

You mentioned an upcoming trip – what are your plans for the next few months?

Plans for the next few months I’ll just be driving down the coast tattooing, wherever I can and surfing. Then I’m heading to Bali for a month or so to do the same thing and then over to Europe and London, to see if I can get some modelling and tattoo work over that side of the world!! 

Be sure to check out Lukestattoo work at @lukewalker_____ and give the band a listen @takaicardia